Opinium’s AdVantage Optimisation Tool – testing Nike Football: Sam Kerr Flip The Game

A flipping good advert? 

2023 is the year of the Women’s World Cup and Nike Football have released their ‘Flip the Game’ campaign with Australian forward Sam Kerr…and what happens when Kerr scores? The world flips.  

Using Opinium’s AdVantage Optimisation Tool its clear 18–34-year-olds particularly love this ad! Although Nike have done a great job of appealing to a wide spread of demographics with an energetic, and inclusive campaign. It certainly captures viewers’ attention with humorous slow-motion shots of people (and pets) from all walks of life, back-flipping in celebration of Kerrs successful goals. 

The general sentiment of the ad lands with viewers, as it provides inspiration for young girls. So, it’s absolutely no surprise that viewers, especially 18–34-year-olds say they feel inspired after watching the ad, scoring above norm. The top word associated with Kerr’s participation in the ad is aspirational. 

“I just had no clue as to what the advert was for. Thought it was for the World Cup or for a new phone.” 

But asides from celebrating the current tournament, viewers are left puzzled over the core messages and did not immediately spot the brand linkage to Nike Football. The majority report feeling lost and don’t understand what the ad was trying to tell them. Is it a promotional advert for the tournament? Or the launch of a new Samsung flip phone? Viewers are unsure.  

So, whilst Nike have done a noteworthy job of inspiring excitement around the Women’s World Cup. The majority say the ad makes no difference in terms of their future consideration of the brand.