Political Polling

“Opinium is a first rate organisation whose prediction of the last general election result was the most accurate of any in a very competitive field. We at The Observer are proud to work with their team of excellent staff who could not be more professional in the way they track opinion on the biggest political issues of the day.”

What voters think about the issues that matter

Opinium was the most accurate polling agency in the 2019 general election and accurately predicted the results of the 2016 EU referendum and the last two London Mayoral elections.

We run a regular voting intention and political survey with the Observer as well as our own topical thought leadership and analysis of current events and social issues.

How we do it

We conduct political polling via online surveys using our consumer panel which is extensively profiled and allows us to factor in how the same people voted in previous elections and how their opinions have changed over time.

Our methodology starts with a nationally representative sample based on demographics and adds in a series of questions to make it politically representative as well, building on the lessons learnt from our experience over four UK general elections, two London Mayoral campaigns, three referendums and two sets of European Parliament elections.

While our political team have a diverse range of political leanings as individuals, as a company Opinium is politically neutral and our only commitment is to providing accurate and impartial research to raise the level of understanding in political conversations.

Political Polling Insight

Political Polling

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Political Polling

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Political Polling

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