Bupa: This is health’60

At a time when healthcare is a prominent, divisive, and controversial topic in the UK, Bupa have created a visually engaging, fast-paced ad which champions the diversity of healthcare and re-frames the topic in an interesting way. It’s appealing, it’s memorable, but the key messages are not catching with audiences.

We have tested Bupa’s This is health’ 60 campaign using Opinium’s AdVantage optimisation tool, which calls people to action for private, pay as you go healthcare, along with promoting care homes and dental work services.

The upbeat, fast-paced and energising nature of the campaign lands with viewers, as one fifth of adults love the ad, whilst one third say it captured their attention (above our benchmarked norm). Described as modern, viewers love the music especially younger audiences (18-34).

The ad provides a sense of hope and comfort for a quarter of viewers. Women are more likely to feel comforted (30% compared to 16% of men) which can be linked to the empowering imagery of breast cancer recovery, childbirth, menopause and hormones,

Over three quarters say that it was clear to them that the advert was for Bupa, with some mentioning that the “style of production” is consistent with other advertisements they have seen from Bupa, in a similar way people recognise Christmas advertisements from John Lewis – “I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s the same consistent quality feeling you get with a John Lewis Advert.” Yet the ad has a different twist which makes it stand out from other campaigns.

Whilst the ad has won people over when it comes to visual engagement, this has slightly overshadowed the core messages, throwing too much at people at once. The calls to action are lost, with low recall of campaign messaging. Only two fifths (below average benchmark) say they understood what the advert was trying to tell them.

People are fairly divided when it comes to how relevant the ad is to them. Although, more than three quarters of those aged 55+ are likely to say its not relevant to them at the moment.

Overall Bupa have done a fantastic job in bringing energy and engagement to healthcare just a shame that the key messages rather got lost within the creative.