Would you take part in World Book Day in your workplace?

Who else is getting World Book Day FOMO? The Opinium Pulse team certainly are so we asked 2,000 UK adults, via the Opinium Omnibus, whether they would dress up if World Book Day was observed in their workplace.

We are pleased to announce that a solid 41% responded yes! 📚
Londoners are the most keen with a 58% voting for yes. Wales really did not like the idea with 74% voting no, with the South West following suit with 71%.

We also asked what world from a book would they chose to live in and here are the top results:

18% – Hogwarts (Harry Potter) ⚡
11% – England in the 1800s (Pride and Prejudice) 👒
8% – Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland) 🐇

Our favourite open end answers include:
‘Heaven from the Bible’ 👼
‘Great Gatsby’ 💎
‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ 🌳

Thanks to the Pulse team: Phil Smith, Anna Day, Calum Weir and Eliza Arkuszewska.