Who’s winning off the Pitch at the Euros?

The UEFA Euro 2024 is coming in hot, with games kicking off Today. With 24 national teams battling it out in ten iconic cities, this tournament is set to be a showcase of European football and a prime opportunity for brand sponsorship.

Creative has been developed, media booked and marketing budgets have been spent. Marketers across Europe will be hoping it’s their brand that manages to get that all important brand boost from being associated with the hottest ticket in town right now.

Opinium’s Brand & Comms team will be monitoring just that, using our comms evaluation tool AdVantage to look at which brands are winning in Adland and also seeing which official sponsors of the tournament and the England team are cutting through all of the noise and the action to cultivate brand connections with consumers.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just in it for the half-time snacks, Euro 2024 is the event to watch. Coca-Cola (ranked 2nd at 52% association) is making sure everyone stays refreshed, and (ranked 4th at 36% association) is providing fans with a comfy place to stay.

Gareth Southgate’s boys are trying to bring football home once more and this year might just finally be the year. Nike (ranked 1st at 63% association) has kitted out The Three Lions, Lucozade (ranked 2nd at 44% association) is ensuring the boys are hydrated enough to last the extra time, and Budweiser (ranked 3rd at 41% association) is ready to help fans celebrate—or commiserate—in style.

Opinium will be keeping track of sponsorship activity over the summer, so keep an eye here to see how the brands shift based on their involvement. So, while the boys are battling it out on the football pitch, let’s see who comes out on top in the brand battle. Whether you’re sipping a Coke, wearing your Adidas, or just trying to figure out where your LG TV remote is, Euro 2024 and its brand buddies are ready for the big kick off in style.