AdVantage: Advertising Optimisation, It’s DIY Time!

With the clock moving forward and the daylight stretching out further each day, we have officially entered springtime! As spring emerges, consumers become more engaged with their home and garden. Therefore, the Opinium team have used our advertising optimisation tool AdVantage to test three ads from large homeware brands namely Homebase, B&Q and Dunelm.

Homebase – All your home needs

Homebase come out on top. Vivid and colourful, this light-hearted ad features a variety of tools and homeware that your home may need. The liveliness of the ad and the cheering tone of voice makes viewers rate highly on enjoyment and engagement, inducing a sense of comfort. The execution is easily understood and relevant to consumers with a wide variety of products shown also encouraging positive brand linkage and consideration, and crucially given the category, many viewers feel inspired by the advert.

Despite being ranked at the top out of the three ads, viewers didn’t find the ad to be particularly different, but the creative does well to invoke humour, and enjoys a good social virality score, with many saying they would like the ad in a post or send it to someone via private message on social media.

Dunelm – Homes of Homes

Up next, we have Dunelm, featuring people of different ages and home needs. This ad journeys through different areas of the home while showcasing a myriad of homeware. The use of original and catchy music successfully captures the viewers’ attention, while making them feel a sense of joy and amusement.

The positive feedback of the music wasn’t enough to make the ad stand out from others as it scores below average on differentiation. Nonetheless, the Dunelm ad has the highest overall score of social virality, with respondents saying they would like or comment it in a post on social media.

 B&Q – You can do it, when you B&Q it

Finally, we have B&Q. Unlike the usual humorous and light-hearted approach B&Q takes on their adverts, this ad evokes strong emotional response, both positive and negative with the goal to empower viewers to build with B&Q. Emotions such sadness, anger, disgust and fear are prominent, leading the ad to score poorly on enjoyment. The dark and violent image’s have also confused the viewers on the messaging the ad is trying to convey, along with the brand it’s connected to – lowering the score of understanding and brand linkage.

This unusual approach, however, did make the ad stands out as it scores the highest on differentiation, sparking a sense of independence and hope within the minds of viewers.

However, the lack of positivity compared to the other two ads make the B&Q ad perform poorly on social virality with below average would interact with the ad on social media.

Don’t stress, reassure!

Although visually striking and intriguing, the unconventional style adopted by B&Q strayed too far from the well-trodden path of DIY adverts. Doing DIY itself is stressful enough and consumers don’t need to be reminded of the possible problems they may face. Reassurance, inspiration and encouragement is simply what consumers are looking for. Hence why the executions from Homebase & Dunelm have outperformed B&Q.

Written by Addison Ko, Research Executive at Opinium and member of the AdVantage team.