Research for PR Playbook: Give it a boost

Are you particularly keen to achieve coverage in the local press in Manchester?

Do you want to be able to tell a separate story about the views of mums? Are you especially interested in the views of retailers of music and film? A boost can be a great way to add another layer to your story, or to create an entirely separate story angle from the same research.

Boosting a sample simply means you will get a certain pre-specified number of people in a group or groups alongside your overall research sample. It?s a simple and cost effective way to make sure you get the data you need to construct the stories you want.


  • Representative sample ? even if you have a boost, you can still ensure the rest of your sample is representative, so you can still talk about e.g. ?Brits?
  • t

  • Make it local ? regional boosts are a great way to get cut-through with local media. We can guarantee sufficient sample in most cities to get topline numbers but the numbers will have to be higher if you want to look at any splits