Paradise papers deals a blow to the Queen’s favourability ratings

In its sixth instalment, Opinium Research’s ?Monarchy Tracker? has noted a fall in the nation?s favour of the Queen; dropping from 72% in April to 66% today. This follows a week of controversy as the Queen?s private estate was found to have millions of pounds invested in offshore arrangements.

Crucially, this knock has adversely impacted how we view the monarchy with now just over half of UK adults (58%) voicing support for the institution. This is down from nearly two thirds (64%) six months ago, and the lowest level since the Monarchy Tracker began two years ago.

Prince Charles also appears to be failing in the popularity contest, with just over a third (33%) holding His Highness in favourable regard, and less than a quarter (22%)†preferring Prince Charles to succeed the throne next. Prince William remains the nation?s top choice as the next instated Monarch (59%).

However, not all the royals are in the doldrums; Prince Harry?s popularity appears to be unabated with three in four (74%) viewing him favourably.

Generation Game

There are stark disparities when comparing how we feel about the Royals among different age brackets. Less than half (44%) of those aged between 18-34 feel the UK should continue with a monarchy, compared with seven in ten (70%) of those aged 55+.

Similar disparities between ages can be seen when looking at the Queen?s favour, with just over half (55%) of those aged between 18-34 holding Her Highness in well-regard versus the vast majority (79%) of those aged 55+.†

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