Articulating a new product range for Graze

The Need

Graze’s challenge was threefold. The brand needed to understand how consumers navigated their product range in store, identify potential and current competitors and evaluate possible articulations for a new product launch.

Our Approach

Opinium created a 3 day online qualitative ‘Pop-up Community’ comprised of 15 current Graze customers and 15 non-customers. Participants undertook a range of activities from photographing in-store layouts and selections to video feedback, short polls and communication reviews. Utilising a flexible topic guide, the Opinium team were able to quickly develop new tasks based on in-the-moment feedback from both the client and participants.

“Running a Pop-up Community with Opinium was a great way to immerse ourselves into what current and new consumers think of the brand and help us develop products relevant to them. The interactive nature of a community means that the whole team could get involved and add new questions to help us gain a robust consumer understanding of potential new flavours and names.”

The Outcome

The community provided Graze with a clear understanding of how current and potential customers navigated both their range and those of their competitors; the potential barriers to and triggers for purchase as well clear recommendations for the name and layout of their new range.

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