Women in Public Affairs Census 2023

Opinium partnered with Women in Public Affairs for their Public Affairs Census 2023 for the fifth year in a row. This year, the Women in Public Affairs annual survey focuses on pay transparency in the sector. 

Key findings from the report include:

👉 96% consider the publication of pay bands important to address gender-based disparities in public affairs – but only a quarter (25%) have said their company publishes salary bands

👉 Nearly half (48%) feel uncomfortable discussing their salary with their line manager, and over half (53%) feel uncomfortable with discussing it with colleagues

👉 Almost half (48%) believe that their pay has been influenced by their gender, race or age, and a third (34%) believe there is a disparity in pay between men and women

In response to the findings, Women in Public Affairs will be embarking on a campaign to improve pay transparency across the sector, by calling on public affairs employers to publish salary bands on job adverts to help women in the industry make informed decisions.

Read the full report here: