Holiday Horizons: A deep dive into 2024 travel planning

Earlier this year, holiday bookings were reported as falling due to ongoing market pressures and the impact of the cost-of-living crisis. Alongside our partners, Accord Marketing, we have taken a deep-dive into the UK public’s attitudes towards travelling this year, where they are looking to go, what types of holidays are growing in popularity, and what expenditure is being prioritised over holidays this year. 

We spoke to 2,000 UK adults, representative of the nation by age, gender, region and social grade to determine the trends we are seeing across the nation, and to look into different generations behaviours and holiday types in more detail. 

This report sets out to answer some key questions: 

  • Bookings continue to fall, but what is the UK public choosing over holidays in 2024? 
  • What sacrifices are younger age groups making to continue to take trips? 
  • Which holiday categories are better able to withstand the impact of the cost-of-living crisis compared to others? 
  • What can brands do to encourage bookings during this decline? 

Further details

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