Virgin Atlantic: see the world differently

Tested by Opinium – using the AdVantage Optimisation Tool

Full of playfulness, “I am what I am” is an unapologetic and diverse TV advert by Virgin Atlantic, celebrating how everyone sees the world differently. Tested by Opinium – using the AdVantage Optimisation Tool; Virgin convey themselves as a fashion forward, LGBT, cultural and disability friendly place to work and consume.

No one can dispute that the ad is for Virgin Atlantic, with 90% of adults in agreement that the campaign branding was clear. Informed by the iconic red uniform, the footage of planes and the widely recognised logo, Virgin have smashed their branding from the get-go.

The charismatic cabin crew challenge the status quo and embody the individuality of the airline, as they style themselves (or rebel against) with the bright red colouring synonymous with Virgin. Nevertheless, some question whether this is simply a story for show or if airline staff can truly rock the boat when it comes to managing their personal style and wearing Virgin uniform day to day.

Customers move their way through airport security and into the sky, flirting, mocking, or dashing through, with scenes a wheelchair user racing to the terminal in a glittered suit. Thus, the top emotions associated with the ad are happiness (28%), inspiration (19%) and independence (16%). Yet – some have criticised Virgin arguing that travelling by wheelchair can be a very slow process and did not reflect the accuracy of the reality.

The music transforms and brings the ad to life, with lyrics that encourage individuality. A cover by Lady Blackbird of 1983 Broadway hit song “I am what I am” with lyrics that evoke pride and self-worth. So, it’s no surprise that seven in ten adults say they enjoyed the music and consider it such a likeable part of the campaign. A great quote to pull: “Its a classic power song to draw you in and then its great at showing we are all different and of course its for Virgin.”

Overall Virgin Atlantic have done a brilliant job of storytelling and showing the different routes to the sky from customers to pilots, who all have their unique stamp. It’s fun, its cheeky and it certainly rocks the corporate and formal boat.