State of the nation report – SME

The events of the last two years have shaped the financial landscape of the UK. Increased inflation and interest rates have led to a cost-of-living crisis that has gripped consumers and changed the way we think, behave and manage our finances. Investments and businesses have also felt the impacts of these changes as rising costs hit their bottom line.

It has been a gloomy picture for UK finances for a long time now, but is 2024 the year that changes?

Opinium have launched a State of the Nation report, exploring financial attitudes and behaviour of consumers, investors, financial advisers and SMEs across the UK. Research will be conducted quarterly, providing insight into the changing thoughts, aspirations, concerns and behaviour of these key groups.

Click on the report below for full access. This report will focus on SME sentiment, and the consumer, investor and IFA release can be found on our website here.