Sharing Economy: Food sharing in the UK

Food sharing in the UK

The global Sharing Economy is a new and emerging market already estimated to be worth over $533 billion (£330 billion) p.a. In the UK it is valued at £22.4 billion which is 1.3% of GDP and predicted to rise to 15% within 5 years. Economists and academics have predicted that this new sector will have the biggest impact on society since the Industrial Revolution.

UK sharers, who have done at least one sharing activity, and given us an estimate of their earnings, saved or made an average of £416.16 last year.

Our research indicates that some sharers benefit as much as £5,000 a year, and case studies by sharing platforms confirm that ?super sharers? can earn that and more per year.

Based on our results, for the adult population of the UK consumer earnings totalled £4.6 billion in the past year. For comparison, US sharers are estimated to make $3.5 billion in 2013, with growth exceeding 25%.