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UK: Voting intention – 5th August 2021

Both leaders see their approval rating drop, although Tories hold onto a 7 point lead

The Conservative lead now sits at seven points, showing very little change from our eight point lead a fortnight ago. The Conservative’s are now on 42% (-1), with Labour on 35% (unchanged), the Lib Dems on 7% (-1) and the Greens on 5% (unchanged).

Boris Johnson’s rating sits at -16, down from -13 two weeks ago, and -8 a fortnight before that. This is the lowest net approval rating we have recorded since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister – although he came very close in January this year, with a net score of -15. In total, 34% now approve of the job he is doing as Prime Minister (unchanged) while 49% disapprove (+2)

But worse news for Johnson doesn’t automatically mean better news for Starmer. His approval rating is also down this week, with a net score of -11, down from -6 two weeks ago. In total, 28% approve of the job he is doing as Prime Minister (-2) while 39% disapprove (+3). Similar to Johnson, this is his joint worse score since we have been tracking, alongside our poll from May this year.

When it comes to who would make the best Prime Minister, 31% currently select Boris Johnson (+1) while 25% select Kier Starmer (-1). However, 32% chose neither (+1) and 12% said they don’t know.

Data tables are available here, and read more in our political report here

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