Polling Results

UK: Voting intention – 5th November 2020

Labour lead rises to 4-points over the Conservatives

Labour is up 2 points (on 42%) to take their lead over the Conservatives to 4 points. The Conservatives are stable on 38%, while the Lib Dems are on 7% (up 1%).

Keir Starmer has increased his lead as best prime minister, with 33% believing he would make the best prime minister while 31% think Boris Johnson would.

Two thirds (64%) in England support the last lockdown, only 20% oppose it. However, three in five (62%) think the lockdown was implemented too late. This is what has proved so damaging to the government: amongst those that support the latest lockdown but think it came too late, 62% disapprove of the government’s crisis handling.

Almost half (45%) think the current length planned for the lockdown will not be long enough, and 58% think it will last longer than the 2nd December. Only a fifth (19%) think the lockdown will end when it is planned to.

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