Polling Results

UK: Voting intention – 24th June 2021

Conservatives hold an eight-point lead

The Conservatives hold an eight-point lead, almost unchanged from two weeks ago. The Tories are on 43% (unchanged), with Labour on 35% (+1), the Lib Dems on 7% (+1), and the Greens on 5% (-2).

The vast majority of the fieldwork occurred before the stories about Matt Hancock’s personal life were released so there is no impact to see yet from this poll.  

  • Just 27% think that Britain should re-join the EU while 22% think we should negotiate a closer relationship than we have with them now, 20% think the current relationship is about right and 22% think we should form a more distant relationship.
  • A third (33%) approve of the government’s handling of Brexit (-3 from 29 Jan 2021) while 43% disapprove (+4). Related, 38% think Brexit has gone well so far (no change on 29 Jan 2021) while 52% think it has gone badly (no change).
  • However, there is optimism among some that any problems caused so far will be fixed in the future. 42% think the problems caused so far will be fixed over time, compared to 35% who think they won’t. 8% think there haven’t been any problems, while 16% don’t know. 68% of those who voted Leave think these problems will be fixed with time, compared to 29% of Remain voters who think they won’t.

Data tables are available here, and read more in our political report here.

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