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UK: Public opinion on coronavirus – 26th August

Conservative and Labour are neck and neck in voting intention

The Conservatives and Labour’s vote share is now neck and neck, with voting intention for both parties at 40%.

This is the first time Labour have drawn level since July 2019 when both main parties were in freefall and losing votes to the Brexit Party and the Liberal Democrats. Since Boris Johnson became prime minister the Tories typically had a double digit lead, peaking in March/April this year when they were seen to be handling the pandemic and lockdown fairly well while Labour changed leader. In the five months since that peak, the lead has gradually declined from 26% to 0% now.

Schools safe for September?

With English school terms starting next week, the majority of parents with school-aged children believe that they are safe to re-open. Almost two-thirds (63%) think it is safe to re-open primary schools, and 60% say the same about secondary schools. However, many parents say their child is worried about returning to school. Children aged 14-15 appear to be the most apprehensive about returning to school; 45% of parents with children in this age group say their child is worried, compared to 48% who say they are not.

As focus shifts to pupils returning to the classrooms, the education secretary is still not out of hot water, as almost half (48%) disapprove of the way Gavin Williamson is handling his job, and 40% say he is most responsible for the recent exam results debacle. On a related note, 39% disapprove of the way the government is handling the return to school, whilst 32% approve.

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