Polling Results

UK: Public opinion on coronavirus – 25th June

Starmer overtakes Johnson as public’s best PM

For the first time, the UK public believes Keir Starmer would make a better Prime Minister than Boris Johnson.

Almost two-fifths (37%) think the Labour leader would do a better job leading the country, compared to 35% who think the same about Johnson. This comes off the back of Keir Starmer enjoying a higher approval rating than Boris Johnson for 6 weeks.

However, the Conservatives do still hold a 4-point lead in terms of voting intention – 43% vs. 39% for Labour. Both parties are down one percentage point since last week.

Silver linings and changing behaviours

Some members of the public have found a few silver linings in the Coronavirus crisis, with a third (33%) saying they have had more money to save or spend each month since the lockdown. Furthermore half (49%) have kept up with current affairs more since the lockdown, while 42% have been reading more books, 30% have been sleeping more, and 28% have been eating more healthy food,.

A third (36%) say that when restrictions are lifted they will spend less on shopping. A similar figure (32%) say they will spend less in pubs and bars, and 36% say the same about eating out, once things return back to ‘normal’.

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