Polling Results

UK: Public opinion on coronavirus – 23rd July

Conservative lead falls back to 4 points short lived boost to the government’s rating comes to an end

The Conservatives have lost two points while Labour have gained two, taking the overall Tory lead from 8 points to 4. The Lib Dems and Greens remain unchanged on last week.

Approval of the government’s handling of the crisis drops

Last week the government’s net approval rating for the handling of the Coronavirus crisis was its most positive rating since mid-May, at a net approval of -5. However, this week approval worsened and has now dropped to a net approval of -15. Disapproval rose from 43% last week to 46% this week, while approval has fallen from 38% last week to 32% this week.

Boris Johnson’s approval rating remains underwater with 36% approving and 45% disapproving. His net rating had dropped from -4 last week to -8 this week.

Keir Starmer remains firmly in positive territory and fairly stable compared to last week. 44% approve of his job performance, while 22% disapprove. His net rating has increase from +20 last week to +22 this week. .

You can find the full report here.

You can find the full data tables here.

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