Polling Results

Political polling among ethnic minorities

Labour has a 39 point lead among ethnic minority voters

Our polling of ethnic minorities at the beginning and end of this general election campaign has seen Labour firm up its support among this group, with the Labour lead increasing from 21 points to 39 points over the Conservatives.

Leader Approval Ratings

Much of this gain is due to a fall in approval for Theresa May†over the†campaign (down from +13% to net 0%) and a rise for Jeremy Corbyn (+11% to +26%) among BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic)†voters.

In line with a fall in approval ratings for May, her parties campaign has damaged the reputation†of the Prime Minister, with two in five (42%) BAME voters viewing her more negatively since the general election was called. In contrast, Jeremy Corbyn has struck a chord with half (54%)of BAME voters having a more positive opinion of†Corbyn since the election was called.


Issues influencing BAME voting decisions

The main issue that will influence BAME voters decision on Thursday is the NHS, with 18% claiming that it will be the top issue when casting their ballot paper. One in ten (12%) will base their vote on Brexit, with BAME voters trusting Labour more than the Conservatives to lead Brexit negotiations (38% vs 26% respectively).


The Conservatives are still expected to win

Despite overwhelmingly favouring Labour,†BAME voters†still expect a Conservative victory on Thursday. 54% think that the Conservative party will be the largest party, while 28% think Labour will.


See the full data tables from the beginning of the campaign here, and the full†tables from the end of the campaign here

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