Polling Results

Political Polling 30th October 2019

Conservatives maintain their poll lead at 16% as they hit 42% in the polls

The Conservatives are up 2 points to 42%, while Labour are also up 2 points to 26%. The Liberal Democrats are up 1 point to 16%.

Issues the public are most likely to base their vote on

The European Union and Brexit has become significantly more prominent in terms of influencing voting behaviour.

In 2017 only 19% said they were most likely to decide their vote primarily on Brexit, more or less the same proportion as those who were likely to base it on Labour?s preferred issue of the NHS (18%).† However, in this campaign an extraordinary 40% say that are most likely to base their vote on Brexit. In short, the chance of this actually being a ?Brexit election? is much higher.

Tables and report

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