Polling Results

Political Polling 21st August 2019

The Conservatives have taken a 6-point lead in the polls, thanks in part to a 2-point decline in Labour voting intent. They have gained 1 point since two weeks ago.



Johnson preferred as prime minister but may not win the blame game over “no deal”

Boris Johnson has a 24 point lead over Jeremy Corbyn when the two are given as the only options in our preferred prime minister question. 41% choose the PM vs. 17% for the Labour leader, 34% for ‘none of these’ and 8% ‘don’t know’.

The UK leaving the EU with no deal on October 31st is seen as the most likely outcome with 37% of respondents selecting it vs. 22% expecting a delay for an election or referendum. However, with the public still divided on the overall question of whether to stay in the EU, leave but remain closely aligned to the EU or† leave and have a clear break from the EU, Johnson is also the person or group likely to be held most responsible if ‘no deal’ comes to pass.


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