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Political Polling 20th November 2019

Conservatives take 47% of the vote share

In the first full week since nominations closed, Opinium’s latest polling shows the Conservatives have taken 47% of the vote now the Brexit Party is standing in only a minority of seats, their largest vote share since the last election.

Headline chart

The Conservatives? lead by 19 points*. Labour is on at 28% in comparison, whilst the Liberal Democrats hit a recent low of 12%.

Following the announcement that the Brexit Party would not be standing in 317 Tory-won seats, the Brexit Party vote share is down to 3%.

*In this latest polling Opinium have accounted for the release of nominations in each seat, so that respondents now only see the parties that are standing in their seat when answering who they will vote for.

Perceptions of Johnson and Corbyn have not improved in light of their first head-to-head debate

It is striking that neither politician was able to improve perceptions of themselves over the last week, with Corbyn only able to improve perceptions of having the nation?s best interests at heart and being in touch with ordinary people by one point each.† On the other hand, Johnson has lost 6 points on the perception that his sticks to his principles and 4 points on being seen as trustworthy

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You can read our full report here.

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