Polling Results

Political Polling 20th February 2019

In our first voting intention poll listing The Independent Group as an option, the new grouping comes in higher than the Liberal Democrats.

Meanwhile, the new grouping seems to have damaged Labour and the Liberal Democrats the most, both of whom have dropped 3 points.

Jeremy Corbyn?s net rating has dropped even further to a huge -47% (16% approve vs 63% disapprove) from -40% a week ago (17% approved vs 57% disapproved).†Now 45% of 2017 Labour voters disapprove of the way Corbyn has responded to the government on Brexit, while only 28% approve.

86% have heard about the resignation of the 7 Labour MPs, while 71% have heard about the resignation of the 3 Conservative MPs.

Almost three in five (58%) of all UK adults think the Labour MPs were right to resign, including 43% of 2017 Labour voters. Just under half (48%) of all UK adults think the three Conservative MPs were right to resign, with 39% of 2017 Conservative voters agreeing.

Just over half (54%) of UK adults think The Independent Group should form a party, while only 19% think they should not.† If they did form a new party, 37% of UK adults would consider voting for them at the next election.


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