Polling Results

Political Polling ? 15th November 2016

The Conservatives have a 12 point lead over Labour in our latest voting intention poll.

In a general election tomorrow, 41% would vote Conservative, 29% would vote Labour, 12% UKIP and 7% Lib Dem.


This is one of the poorest†performances we have seen from†UKIP since the general election, while the Lib Dems†are polling†at 7% for the first time in this†parliament.

Leader Approval Ratings

Although†her ratings are looking†less positive than when she†first began as prime minister, Theresa May still has a net approval rating of +18%, with 43% approving of the way she is handling her job and 25% disapproving.

vi-19-11-2016-image-2By contrast, Jeremy Corbyn’s ratings remain poor at net -20%.

Economic leadership

Theresa May and Philip Hammond are the most trusted to handlethe economy, with 44% trusting them most compared to only 18% trusting Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell the most. Those who are financially just ‘coping’ trusted May and Hammond noticeably more than Corbyn andd McDonnell on the economy (43% vs 17% respectively).

Theresa May and Philip Hammond are also more trusted to handle the economy than their predecessors, with 40% selecting the incumbent top team over David Cameron and George Osborne (14%). However, just over a fifth (22%) of Conservative voters trusted Cameron and Osborne more than May and Hammond on the economy.

See the full tables here.

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