Polling Results

Political Polling 15th August 2017

Labour, on 43%, has a lead of three points over the Conservatives, who are on 40%.

Leader Approval Ratings

Theresa May still has a negative approval rating, with 48% disapproving of the way she is handling her job and 31% approving. However this has improved from a net rating of -21% in July to -17% this month. By comparison, Jeremy Corbyn?s ratings have dropped from +4% last month to -5% this month.



Generally the public think the economy will take a hit in the short term but will balance out in the long term due to Brexit. In the next 2 years, two fifths (39%) think they will be financially worse off due to Brexit and only 13% think they?ll be better off. But in 10 years? time more or less equal numbers think they?ll be better or worse off (31% vs 30%) respectively).†

Trust in the Conservatives to lead the Brexit negotiations has dropped from 39% in June to 33% in August, although they remain ahead of Labour with 21% who trust them most to lead the negotiations. The public broadly disapprove of how Theresa May is handling Brexit: 47% disapprove and only 28% approve.


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