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Political Polling 13th February 2019

The government’s†success has faded away, as the Conservatives lose their 7-point lead over Labour

Last week the government’s first success in months appeared to give them a boost in the polls. But this boost appears not to have been long-term, as a†

Currently 12% think Theresa May?s withdrawal deal is good, while 48% think it is bad, a slight shift from a fortnight ago (15% thought it was good vs 45% who thought it was bad).

Half (51%) of 2017 Conservative voters think their MPs should back the deal, down from 55% two weeks ago. Outright opposition to the deal amongst 2017 Tory voters has increased slightly: a fortnight ago a fifth (19%) of 2017 Tory voters thought their MPs should vote down the deal, but this week it has increased to 24%.

Similarly, outright opposition to the deal has risen slightly amongst 2017 Labour voters as well. A fortnight ago a third (35%) of 2017 Labour voters thought their MPs should vote down the deal, which has risen to 39%.


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