Polling Results

Political Polling 12th December 2017

Labour has maintain their 2-point lead over Conservatives.†

Both major parties have dropped by a point since last month, with the Conservatives still on 39% and Labour staying just ahead on 41%.

Leader Approval Ratings

Both leaders have seen a little change in their ratings from last month. Theresa May?s net approval ratings have remained similar to last month, going from -13 to -12%. Similarly, Jeremy Corbyn?s ratings have also remained consistent, with net approval rating moving only slightly from -3% to -4%.

Looking to the future

38% are pessimistic about Britain?s future thinking it looks bad, up from 31% in February. On the other hand, only 31% are optimistic about Britain’s future, down from 27%.

When asked specifically about the future of their family, 38% are optimistic, down from 43% in February. There has been a similar increase in the number of people feeling pessimistic about the future of their family, with 24% feeling that way currently compared to 20% at the start of the year.

Nearly half (46%) think the future for the younger generation in Britain looks bad, while only 23% think it looks good.


See the full tables here.

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