Polling Results

Political Polling 11th July 2017

The Conservatives have reduced Labour?s lead to 2 points.

Labour have dropped from 45% to 43% while the Conservatives have risen from 39% to 41%. The Liberal Democrats and UKIP have both remained on 5%.

Leader Approval Ratings

Although Theresa May still has a negative approval rating (-21%) and Corbyn continues to have a positive approval (+4%), Theresa May has moved slightly ahead of Jeremy Corbyn regarding who UK adults believe would make the best Prime Minister, with 36% selecting Theresa May and 33% selecting Jeremy Corbyn.


Theresa May?s Future

Nearly six in ten (57%) UK adults believe that May should resign before the next General Election, scheduled for 2022. A third (33%) claim that May should resign as Prime Minister now, 16% say that she should resign as at the end of the Brexit negotiations, and 8% that she should step down shortly before the next General Election.† In contrast, over a fifth (22%) state that May should carry on as Prime Minister and lead the Conservatives into the next General Election.


See tables here.

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