Remainers warm to the idea of a second vote

Support for holding a second referendum on the terms of whatever Brexit deal emerges has risen from 33% to 41% since December 2016 with Remain voters increasingly coming round to the idea of a second vote.


The exact text of the question asks:


“Once we know what terms the government has negotiated, should there be a second referendum on Britain?s membership of the EU, where voters can choose between leaving under the terms negotiated or remaining in the EU after all?”



While Leave voters have remained resolutely opposed, the change is driven by a move among Remain voters in favour of another vote.


Remainers are also beginning to match Leavers when it comes to intensity of feeling with almost evenly sized blocks with strong feelings about the direction the country should take:

While 52% and 48% are the more commonly used terms, in reality the country is divided into thirds; a strongly pro-Leave third, a strongly pro-Remain third and a third in the middle who could go either way depending on how things appear to be going. It is in this context that we should view developments as the Brexit negotiations continue.


Here†is the†data from every time this question has been asked.