Public wary of Pfizer’s bid

Public wary of Pfizer’s takeover bid

When we asked Brits if the Government should intervene to seek to prevent the takeover of AstraZeneca or allow it to continue, only a tenth (9%) thought that the takeover should be allowed to proceed without any intervention.

Most Brits were divided between intervention or conditional acceptance. Just over a third (35%) thought the takeover should be allowed only if Pfizer promises not to cut jobs or investment, while (34%) thought that the Government should intervene to seek to prevent a takeover completely.

Older Brits the most worried

One of the biggest divides was between the generational difference in opinion.


Older respondents were far more clearly in favour of intervention, with a half (49%) of over-55’s believing the Government should prevent a takeover. By comparison, only a fifth (19%) of 18 to 34 year olds agreed, with many of the younger generation preferring (38%) a conditional takeover with protection for jobs.

Opinium Research carried out an online survey of 1,972 GB adults aged 18+ from 6th to 8th May 2014. Results have been weighted to nationally representative criteria.