Potential Labour policies

Last week’s Opinium / Polling Matters survey looked at a serious of policies and how they might make help Labour regain some voters. Out of the†policies listed, the ones that gained the highest levels of support were:


  • Require big companies to pay their suppliers within 30 days – 81% support
  • t

  • Control rents so landlords cannot keep increasing the amount they charge – 78%†support
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  • Guarantee state pensions will rise at least 2.5% each year – 75% support
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  • Raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour by 2020 – 71% support

However, when they were connected directly to the Labour Party,†a smaller proportion of UK adults said this would make them likely to vote for Labour.

For example, although 81% support requiring big companies to pay their suppliers within 30 days, less than half (45%) of UK adults said they would be likely to vote Labour if it offered that policy, with only 20% saying very likely.

Full data and tables are available here.