Platinum brands create friends for life

Platinum brands create friends for life

In a time-poor and financially pressured world, the power of the brand becomes more important. People want short cuts to decisions, both big and small. A strong brand can make life easier for customers by letting them know that it sees things from their perspective, doesn?t let them down, delivers on its promises and gives them value for money.

In our latest thought leadership paper, we explore how brands should be building friendships with their customers and how the three key metrics used in our Brand Strength Index (BSI) can help brand managers turn good brands into great brands.


More about our brand equity offering:

Built on core metrics that make great brands great: Emotional Connection, Prominence in the Market and Being Distinguished, Opinium?s Brand Strength Index is a cost effective and straightforward approach to brand evaluation. Easy to understand, the BSI provides business friendly metrics with insights that help shape future brand strategy.

So don?t be left in the dark. Speak to Opinium about how we can help you make your brand stronger.