NHS tops the Pride of Britain list

36% say the NHS makes them proud to be British

We asked over 2,000 UK adults what makes them most proud to be British, and for 36% the top choice was the National Health Service (NHS).

The NHS tops the Pride of Britain list by a sizeable margin, with our rich history coming second and the British sense of humour coming third. The complete top five in the Pride of Britain list is as follows:


  • 1st The NHS ? 36%
  • t

  • 2nd British history ? 25%
  • t

  • 3rd British sense of humour? 23%
  • t

  • 4th The Monarchy ? 22%
  • t

  • 5th UK’s landscape and architecture ? 22%

James Sweatman, head of healthcare, comments: ?For almost 70 years, the National Health Service has stood as a symbol of national pride and our commitment to the principles of equality and humanitarianism, and it is heart-warming to see it tops our list of things that make us proud to be British. It is a timely reminder to us all that while the future of the health service remains unclear, what is abundantly clear is just how important it remains to our national identity and sense of Britishness.”

The research was carried out by Opinium Research between 15 January and 3 February 2016 among 2,003 UK adults.