Multicultural Britain 2022

This year marks six years since we first began our Multicultural Britain series and this year we’ve partnered with reboot to explore representation both in the media and workplace.

Since our last report, we have been through a worldwide pandemic that has impacted all of our lives hugely. We have found that over this time the number of ethnic minorities saying they have experienced abuse and discrimination because of their ethnicity has fallen to some of its lowest levels since 2015. However, there is still a long way to go.

In the workplace, most people, regardless of their background, think that their workplace is diverse and believe this to be important. However, the report also shows that those from certain ethnic groups, particularly those from a Black background, believe they are less likely to end up as CEO one day and are more likely to suffer from ‘imposter syndrome’.

The report also finds that many ethnic minorities think representation in advertising and branding is of real importance. In fact, many are more likely to purchase from companies that make an effort to be more diverse.

The report also explores the legacy of the Black Lives Matters movement in the actions of businesses, and explores the differences in the experiences and attitudes of ‘Kiddigrants’ compared to other generations.

Read the full report here: