Most Connected Brands UK 2021

What does it mean to be connected in a year like no other?

This is probably the question we have been asked more than any other over the course of the pandemic. How has connection changed? What does it mean? How can we be both physically distanced and yet closer than ever? And ultimately, what impact does this have on the brands and businesses that shape our lives?

The 2021 Most Connected Brands Index UK is forged in the collective shared experiences of lockdown and loss, but also resilience, hope and opportunity. As restrictions start to ease across the country, our belief remains that building connection has never been more important. Whatever your political, economic, or social viewpoint, the past 12 months have been a year of unprecedented rapid change that shows no sign of abating. The ability of people, brands and businesses to create lasting connections has become fundamental to both personal and professional success.

Whether you read the report cover-to-cover or simply flick through until something catches your eye we hope that, in this time of great uncertainty, Most Connected Brands provides you with the inspiration, ideas and motivation to create, build and grow the connections that matter to you.

Download our new report below and: 

  • discover which brands have made the UK Top 100
  • understand how the pandemic has impacted consumers’ perception of connection
  • find out which brands have risen up the rankings
  • see which brands are cutting through the noise to connect with consumers