Millennials aspire to be their own boss

A study conducted by Opinium has found that over a third (39%) of millennials aspire to work for themselves or own their own business. Half of these hope to be their own boss by their late twenties citing their inspirations as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg.

Of the millennials who would want to work for themselves three fifths (61%) cite the reason for this is wanting to make something on their own. A further half (54%) like the prospect of flexible working hours and a quarter (24%) do not want to work in an office.

The Technology sector is the most popular area of business for men, a fifth (20%) would like to work for themselves in this field compared to only 2% of women. Young women would prefer to start their own business in the creative industry (15%), e.g. an artist or author, compared to only 8% of men.

Almost three quarters (72%) of young people see real life work experience as the most important factor to succeed in today?s job market. They though that a degree from a top university was not as important as other factors, only 15% believed this to be a requirement to succeed in the business world. A further 52% though they need the ability to stand out and 42% though creativity was the attribute they needed to become successful.

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