May leads Corbyn on a range of measures

Prime Minister Theresa May leads Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on all of the measures Opinium asked about in our most recent collaboration with the Polling Matters podcast.†

Asked about a series of measures, the prime minister’s biggest lead comes when†we asked whether each leader had a good chance of victory at the next general election. 50% agreed that Theresa May had a good chance of a Conservative victory while 60% disagreed with a similar statement about Jeremy Corbyn and Labour.

The PM also leads on being a strong leader, a capable prime minister (or potential prime minister), and understanding what she stands for.

The only measure on which more disagree than agree is whether the PM “understands the concerns of people like me” with 36% disagreeing and 32% agreeing. However, while this is†the sort of measure on which Labour leaders traditionally do well, Jeremy Corbyn also trails badly here with 25% agreeing and 45% disagreeing.

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