Luton Town to leave Kenilworth Road: over half of young football fans say they’d be more likely to watch their team play at Luton stadium than other stadiums

Following the news that Luton Town FC is aiming to start groundworks for its planned new 23,500-capacity Power Court stadium before the end of the year, almost two fifths (37%) of UK football fans reveal they would prefer to go to Luton’s Kenilworth Road stadium to watch their team than other stadiums, because of the unique experience the stadium offers. This rises to three fifths (59%) of those football fans aged between 18-34.

Almost half (45%) of fans agree unique football stadiums, like Luton’s, make match day better and over half (53%) say newly built stadiums don’t have as much character as original stadiums.

Three in ten football fans (28%) say they’d love to live in a house that was part of their club’s home ground.

Despite this, a third (35%) of people don’t think Kenilworth Road Stadium is up to scratch for the Premier League and almost two in five (37%) say the stadium should be renovated before any Premier League games are held there.

Molly Maclean of Opinium commented: “Through thick and thin, defeat and victory, Kenilworth Road stadium has housed Luton Town, sitting literally at the heart of the community and for some it may seem bittersweet that Luton Town’s Premier League promotion means it must now leave its beloved home.

“However, while Kenilworth Road will undoubtedly be missed, the new stadium will mark an exciting new chapter in the club’s history and a chance to upgrade facilities, broaden access and grow support. Luckily, there’s still time for fans to see Luton Town play in Kenilworth and say goodbye.”