Amsterdam ‘Renew your view’ Ad Test

The City of Amsterdam is on a mission to change its image and curb nuisance tourist behaviour, in particular among young British men. In its “Vision for Tourism 2035” paper, the municipality announced the objective to shift city perceptions from “a place where anything goes” to somewhere for visitors seeking to enjoy, enrich, and contribute positively. 

To support this, the municipality has launched the “Renew Your View” campaign, showcasing Amsterdam’s diverse population and welcoming atmosphere. The video emphasizes authenticity, open-mindedness, and respect for the city, contrasting with the previous “Stay Away” campaign’s more confrontational tone. 

Recent research shows that while the advert is well-liked, it doesn’t significantly change overall perceptions of Amsterdam or deter visitation among young British men. This is contributed to by the target audience already holding a more nuanced view of Amsterdam than the municipality may anticipate. Positively for the city’s mission, the ad does decrease intent to visit for the purpose of a stag do. 

The results reinforce that perception change will require a long-term approach, something the municipality has signalled it is ready for. The upcoming peak travel period will reveal if recent efforts have made any immediate impact on visitor behaviour, and if not, the local population’s tolerance for waiting the course.