How Sustainable? Perceptions vs Reality

New research conducted by Opinium and Red Consultancy (Green@Red) reveals that 86% of those who have seen brand sustainability communications believe all, or a majority of the claims. And 64% say they are more likely to buy as a result.

The grim global headlines have firmly sunk in. We get it. We all need to do more. We all need to make greener decisions. From the resources we consume daily, to the brands we love to buy, people really do want to live more sustainable lives. But our study reveals that most of us are struggling to make the right choices, for two main reasons.

Firstly, we aren’t clear what steps brands are taking to be more sustainable, with less than a third being able to name a single brand that has shared particularly strong sustainability credentials.

Sustainability communications remain a careful balance of volume and authenticity, but if brands can navigate successfully, consumers are open and waiting for them to use their position to drive greater, and more positive change. Awareness levels of sustainability communications are low amongst consumers but those that do succeed in cutting through, see higher levels of consumer trust and an increase in the likelihood to buy their products and services.

And secondly, as we saw during the financial crisis, given that times are tough for most of us, the daily cost of living realities have seen a fall in consumer concern for the environment this year. So, considering consumers really do want to act more sustainably yet are struggling to afford to make the most responsible choices, initiatives based on a more practical approach with inbuilt cost savings are likely to resonate the most.

A huge shout out and thanks to our long term client, and partner, Red Consultancy, for inviting us to bring our research and passion for sustainability to support this important initiative.

Take a look at the full report below: