How long could you go?

Street Kids International

  • A meagre 5% of the population succeeded in giving up something for Lent
  • Over 1 in 10 (12%) of those who did not last the whole of Lent admit they just couldn?t be bothered
  • Give it Up – Friday 12th April is the International Day for Street Children: Could you give something up for just one day?

Of those who were unable to last the whole of Lent, thirty per cent admit it was down to a lack of will power. A special occasion like a wedding or a birthday was the downfall for one in five (19%) and a further one in five (19%) caved, blaming stress. A depressing twelve per cent admit that they just couldn?t be bothered. Nearly one in ten (9%) say they did not last because Lent is far too long a period.

So, whilst giving up for forty days was not met with much enthusiasm, the option for giving something up for a day was far more popular. And although thirty per cent of the population said they could not give up drinking coffee or tea, sixty per cent said they could give up chocolate, fifty-seven per cent believe they could give up crisps and fifty-five claim they could give up sweets!

This Friday ? (April 12th), the International Day for Street Youth ? gives Brits the chance to rise to this challenge. Street Kids International is asking the UK to ?Give it Up? and go without something they consider essential, for just one day. Be it the cost of one?s daily caffeine consumption, transport, lunch, sweets or after work drinks ? every little bit helps. Donating the money raised for Give it Up is simple: Text STKI11 followed by the donation (e.g.: £2, £5, £10) to 70070. The text is free and the amount donated will appear on mobile users? next bill.

Alexandra Abraham, Street Kids International says: ?While it is encouraging to see that some people across the UK are willing to go without life?s luxuries for a short while, the reality is that millions of young people around the world are denied their basic living needs and face a struggle to survive, every single day. Building on the research outcomes, showing that so many people said they?d be willing to give something up for one day, on April 12th ? the International Day for Street Youth ? we are setting the challenge for all to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Give it Up is an easy way for people to get involved and make a real difference, through raising vital funds and awareness to support street youth around the world. Give it Up: Go without so they don?t have to.?

Opinium?s research also revealed that, while not entirely successful and only a small proportion achieving the full forty days, giving up for Lent seems to have had a positive effect on the habits of Brits. Of those who attempted to give something up for Lent, over one in ten (11%) say they have either given that particular thing up entirely and forty three per cent have cut back considerably, be it eating chocolate, drinking alcohol or swearing!

Street Kids International is registered charity in the UK, Canada and the US. They work with young people living on the street in low income countries across the globe, providing business and entrepreneurship training, and equipping them with the skills and confidence needed to build better lives for themselves. Find out more at or follow us at @streetkidsuk: #giveitup

Opinium Research carried out 2 online surveys:
Pre-wave from 12.02.13 to 15.02.13 of 2,021 Nationally Representative UK adults
Post-wave from 02.14.13 to 04.0413 of 2,006 Nationally Representative UK adults