Hillary is the UK’s choice, but neither candidate is considered trustworthy

With the end of the most extraordinary US election campaign in sight, Opinium polled UK adults in the final week of the campaign to see who their choice for the Oval Office would be.

We found that Brits were more than four times as likely to vote for former-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as they would for real-estate magnate Donald Trump (49% vs 12%).

Voters of most of the major parties would vote for Clinton, except for UKIP voters, 43% of whom would opt for Donald Trump, perhaps impacted by the endorsement of former leader Nigel Farage. Men were also twice as likely to vote for Trump (16% vs. 8% of women), indicating that the controversial comments he has made might have had a negative effect amongst women here.

However, despite these findings, neither of the candidates is perceived as particularly trustworthy by UK adults. Britons were divided on Hillary Clinton (26% said she was trustworthy vs. 34% said she was untrustworthy), although more than two thirds (69%) consider Donald Trump untrustworthy by comparison. In fact, the election, which has been one of the most divisive in the US? history, has seen public opinion of the US as a whole severely impacted with just over half (55%) of UK adults feeling more negative towards the nation since the presidential election began.

Adam Drummond commented: ?While people in UK appear to prefer Hillary Clinton, neither candidate is particularly admired by the public in a race that has been described as a choice between the lesser of two evils. As happens every four years, the world will wait with baited breath on Tuesday night to see what Americans have chosen and assess the consequences for the wider world.?

Just over half of UK adults (52%) think that Clinton is able to stand up for the USA?s interests abroad, and half (50%) think she has the USA?s best interests at heart.

Both candidates are viewed as decisive, with this being one of Donald Trump?s best performing traits (33%).

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