The Road to Hydrogen Cars – Making the Automotive Sector Cleaner 

The Need

According to the International Energy Agency, the transport sector is responsible for around a quarter of direct CO2 emissions, making the decarbonisation of transport a prime component of net zero ambitions. Achieving these emission targets largely rests on whether hydrogen will be able to initiate an energy revolution across the automotive industry. Our client, Expleo, a global consulting, engineering, and technology service provider, wanted to lead on this conversation by mapping where the European auto industry is on its road to producing hydrogen powered vehicles.

Our Approach

To achieve this, we conducted 225 online interviews evenly split across the UK, France, and Germany, with Directors+ in the automotive industry who have influence over hydrogen innovation within their organisation.

The Outcome

The research uncovered widespread support for hydrogen powered vehicles but also identified barriers to implementation. Expleo created a white paper outlining a roadmap to production which also included guidance for overcoming challenges. The research helped position them ahead of the ‘hydrogen curve’ in their industry. Read the report here: Expleo | Expleo Report: The Road to Hydrogen Cars – Making the Automotive Sector Cleaner

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