Britain’s Biggest Boozers

Britain’s Biggest Boozer

The over fifties are Britain?s most regular drinkers

  • Yet, one in five people claim to suffer from a hangover once a year or less

Almost half (44 per cent) of those over fifty like a tipple a few times a week, compared to less than a third (32 per cent) of those in their twenties. Men are more prolific drinkers than women (48% vs. 33% drinking a few times a week) and the most boozy region is the North West, with almost half (45 per cent) of those in that region admitting to drinking a few times a week.

Despite 19 million Brits** admitting to drinking regularly, one in five people (19 per cent) claim to suffer from a hangover just once a year or less. Although the under twenties drink less often then their elders, they suffer hangovers more regularly, with one in five (20 per cent) suffering from a sore head a couple of times a month and one in 11 (9 per cent) suffering once a week.

Most common ways to prevent a hangover

  • Eat something to line your stomach (54%)
  • Drink water (42%)
  • Drink milk (13%)
  • Take a painkiller (11%)
  • Drink an energy drink (5%)

The research also reveals the professions that most enjoy a drink, with one in over half (57 per cent) of people working in media, publishing and entertainment admitting to drinking a few times a week, followed by those in construction (53 per cent drinking a few times a week).

James Endersby, managing director at Opinium Research, said: ?This research really explodes the stereotype of the younger generations being heavier drinkers, when actually, the over fifties enjoy drinking more regularly. It is also interesting to see what tactics people take to
avoid a hangover, lining your stomach is a well known one, but I?m not sure how effective that really is!?

* Research conducted online amongst a large sample of 5182 UK Adults by Opinium Research LLP, during January 2010

** 40% of UK adults (48,315 according to ONS) drink a few times a week (19,326,000)