57% think ?Special Relationship? is strong

57% think ?Special Relationship? is strong

Opinion was mixed on the USAs current status in the world with 40% agreeing that it has become less powerful over the last 4 years and 22% disagreeing. There is muted optimism for Obama?s second term with 38% expecting it to be more successful than his first.

Nevertheless most Brits remain convinced that Britain?s fortunes are bound up with that of the US.

57% agree that it is in Britain?s interests for the USA to continue to be a powerful nation (9% disagree) and 55% agree that the USA is Britain?s most important ally (11% disagree).

57% think that the ?Special Relationship? is alive and well, agreeing that compared to the USA?s other allies Britain has a uniquely close relationship with the USA (10% disagree).

Obama?s first term is looked on favourably by a significant portion of Brits, with 47% agreeing that it was a success compared to just 22% who disagree.