Women in Public Affairs: Public Affairs Census 2021

This year, we’ve taken a deeper dive into women’s progression in the industry, with a particular focus on transparency around pay and parental leave policies. This follows feedback in our previous surveys that 69% of women felt their company wasn’t transparent on pay and progression and that only 2 in 5 saw maternity/paternity leave policies published.

Key stats from this years report:

  • Three in ten feel that the Public Affairs industry is poor at helping women to progress
  • Of the three in ten of the sample who were from a minority group (29%), 63% believe they have experienced further barriers progression due to their minority status
  • More than half feel that their company is not transparent about progression and pay
  • Four in five are less likely to apply for a job if it doesn’t provide a fixed salary or salary bands
  • Three in five women in Public Affairs do not know their company’s maternity policy well

This report – a collaboration between Opinium and Women in Public Affairs – is a call to action for all, including the men in the industry, to create awareness and offer support for women in Public Affairs.

Read the full report here: