Exploring how public transport impacts or isolates those with disabilities

The Need

As part of a joint submission for the Market Research Society Transport and Travel Conference, Opinium teamed up with Scope to explore how disabled people experience public transport, and the issues they face, with the aim to influence keys figures in the transport industry.

Our Approach

We used an online qualitative Pop-up Community to overcome accessibility issues that might preclude participation by those with mobility impairments or conditions which might affect group interactions, such as social anxiety. Participants were asked to complete a series of tasks including a daily travel journal and group discussions.

This was supplemented by a quantitative survey of 1,000 disabled adults to size the prevalence of the issues being discussed, and 1,500 non-disabled adults to compare and contrast their experience.

The Outcome

The results formed the basis of a presentation at the MRS Travel and Mobility conference and will inform future public awareness campaigns by Scope as well as discussions with policymakers. This included a number of solutions to issues faced by these audiences which were then heard by key decision makers in this area. The degree of engagement within the community was exceptionally high with participants often beginning their own impromptu discussions with each other.

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