Alternative Asset Platforms: Survey of Retail Investment US

Did you know that you can invest in farmland, art, or wine?

Opinium partnered with Lansons to better understand alternative assets (“alts”), the up-and-coming investment option that allows everyday investors to have a stake in art, wine, farmland, metals, and more.

While awareness of alternative investment platforms is still relatively low, one in five (20%) Americans would strongly consider investing in alts. A quarter (25%) of active investors would be willing to allocate up to 25% of their portfolios, on average, to alts. This represents more than $1.3 trillion dollars in potential retail investment.*

Although, being a new type of investing, alt investment platforms need to establish trust with investors. A key barrier to investing in alts is concern about fraud and scams (42%).

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Opinium surveyed a nationally representative survey of 1,832 Americans. The survey was weighted using the latest figures from the U.S. Census Bureau. “Active Investors” is defined as anyone who has an individual investment account, including in stocks, bonds, crypto, etc. The study was conducted between September 6 –September 12, 2022.

*Of the 1,832 adults surveyed, 25% were active investors, which is equivalent to 64,585,820 Americans (258,343,281 (U.S. Adult population) x 25% (active investors)). The median amount held in investments among active investors was $82,013.27. On average, active investors we’re willing to allocate 25% of their portfolio toward alternative investments. This equates to a median of $20,175.27 to be potentially invested in alternative assets per the average active investor ($82,013.27 * 25%). The median potential investment in alternative assets ($20,175.27) x the number of active investors in the U.S. (64,585,820) is equal to 1.303 trillion

Written by Grace Miller, Senior Research Analyst, Opinium US.